Jun 24, 2013

Welcome! We wanted our wedding simple, elegant and classic. Everything has been chosen with care and love and we hoped to create a day to remember without distracting from the most important thing: getting finally married to each other. We wanted an overall-look that after 50 years would have been just as timeless and beautiful to look at as today

sugar it

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making the cake... this is our diy project of mummy and me. here is what we created until now. we still need to make the lower tear and place a lily of the valley sugar flower on top that we bought in the internet.Everything else handmade by ourselves.


and the pink cake below is our refreshment cake which we did 100 percent ourselves

the sugar flower we bought ready 

and our cakeyyyyyy



this is only the top tear and you have to imagine the lily of the valley will sit on top


bottom tear, entirely handmade by mum, dad and me. we are so proud


and the refreshment cake 

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I'm loving all of your dessert ideas!

I think your cake will be goreous

I love that little cake!