Sep 19, 2009


Wedding Rehearsal

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The day of the rehearsal went SO fast.  I started off the day with a manicure and running around picking up some last minute stuff.  I got home, picked up DH and my son and on we went to the venue.  Most of our family met us at our house since they did not know the way to the venue.  The actual wedding rehearsal went very fast and were done in about 15 minutes.  Everyone was in great spirits and was wishing us the best of luck.  After the rehearsal, I went to pick up DH's groom's cake which he had no idea about.  Ana Parczyk who also made our wedding cakes, made the groom's cake.  People could not believe that it was not a real hat:

Wedding Rehearsal photo 1

DH and all of his family are avid Yankees fans, but I'm Boston Red Sox all the way baby! (:

The bridal party and our immediate family met us at our house for the rehearsal dinner.  My sister cooked Spanish rice which everyone KILLED and I made baked chicken which was also very popular.  I also made my specialty dessert: Death by Chocolate.

It turned into a dance party. I put on salsa and dance music and almost everyone was on the dance floor which was great. 

Wedding Rehearsal photo 2

DH's brother and my sister (Best Man and Maid of Honor)

Wedding Rehearsal photo 3

My niece and stepdaughter (flower girls)

Wedding Rehearsal photo 4

DH and I on the stage with the JOP rehearsing

Wedding Rehearsal photo 5

My bridesmaids showing their "better" side...LOL!

Wedding Rehearsal photo 6Wedding Rehearsal photo 7Wedding Rehearsal photo 8

We had a great time and were so happy that we got to share that day before our BIG day with family and close friends.

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