Jan 01, 2016


Dude, where's my headpiece?

I love sparkley, ginormous(that's an understatement lol), elaborately ornate and gawdy headpieces (or fascinator - whatever you want to call it)!!! 

Here's my inspirations: 

Dude where s my headpiece photo 1Dude where s my headpiece photo 2Dude where s my headpiece photo 3

I love anything organic and nature-like for hair accessories!!

More bling please.....

I spent $35 at Forever Love the other day on JUST earrings.  I couldn't decide which rhinestone drops I wanted, so I just cleared out their whole rhinestone earring section.  I know, I'm a little excessive. 

These are all for sale except for the pair on the left at the end.

Dude where s my headpiece photo 4Dude where s my headpiece photo 5

with flash                                                                  without flash


This is my bracelet.  It was custom made by Haute Bride to include the main center stone/brooch as pictured (RED.  Can you say GORGEOUS?!), but the links/brooches to connect it around the bracelet are more petite and feminine.  This one in the picture was too large like a cuff for my taste.  It will be for sale as soon as I take a picture of it. 

Dude where s my headpiece photo 6

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LOVE the hair accessories - so damn chic!!

I have those same earrings from Forever 21! Great minds think alike

Forever 21 had those !! When !! OMG


LOVE your earrings! I think I'll need to borrow! LoL.