Sep 26, 2009


Advice and Tips



1) Hired a DOC! 


Back story- I didn’t hire a DOC for many reasons.  One, my venue had their own coordinator and honestly, he was the absolute best.  He attended to me at all times, ensured I ate, coordinated with the photographer, videographer, dj, photo booth attendant, florists, everyone!  I barely worried about the major venue details thanks to them.  Second, I have a very big and supportive family.  When I handed out timelines and task lists to my aunties and cousins and friends they were actually supportive, flattered even to be part of the wedding even if it meant only pinning corsages or collecting centerpieces.  I know others think guests should be guests but my family wanted to be part of the production of this grand show, that is our wedding.  So I saved myself a few hundred bucks and organized the wedding on my own (with help, of course). 


However, looking back, I wish I hired a DOC, my biggest regret.  Someone to pull me aside and tell me to fix my hair or make up because again, I was so caught up meeting and greeting my guests, and my BMs too busy enjoying themselves, that I didn’t realize my hair curls fell.  (And it still breaks my heart because I paid so much for hair, photography and video and all I can see is that damn loose curl!)  Someone to tell me to wear deodorant (because I didn’t and I usually do, honestly!) and because again my BMs were also too busy taking care of themselves, their families and my other assigned tasks.  Someone to check and double check that the DJ had all of our songs ready at hand because unfortunately, the DJ didn’t.  Just someone to really look at all the smaller details on the day of because I just really wanted to enjoy myself with my husband, family and friends.  If I can do it over again, the only thing I would change is have a DOC at hand. 


2) Hire a videographer!  It doesn’t have to be expensive, maybe a friend with an awesome camcorder, just ANYONE!  You will miss a lot of moments since for some parts, you will be behind closed doors (before walking down the aisle, before the venue entrance).  I didn’t get to see my ring bearer “raise the roof” or my flower girl running after her mother.  And I do not have an amazing memory to remember my dad’s speech word for word which EVERYONE complimented on!  And I wanted to see me and DH do the dance that we had been practicing for 4 months.  Yes, photography is important but can’t capture those moments when you “just had to be there.”


3) Eat!  It is so true when they say you aren’t as hungry because of all the mixed emotions stirring within you.  The excitement, stress, joy, etc.  But you need the energy and you paid for the food.   Take advantage of that and eat well.  My attendants forced me to sit down during the cocktail hour and eat and I am so grateful that they did.


4) Overall, TAKE IT ALL!  Enjoy the moment of walking down the aisle and seeing the man you love.  Definitely give yourself alone and private time with each of your parents because it is their day too.  Realize that everyone present is there for you and your DH.   The day does really go by so fast so be in the moment of all it.  Which leads me to my next advice, LET IT GO!  I was on such a high from the wedding, I loved every minute of it.  I wanted to and tried to relive each moment.  When non pro pics started rolling in and I saw that damn loose curl, I actually cried because I thought I would look sloppy in the pics and video.  But I realized that it was all so trivial, the loose curl, the wrong Beatles song, the traffic on Route 3.  Just be grateful you have the man you love, the supportive family by your side and the friends to celebrate with.  





1)       Have cash or a checkbook at hand.  We forgot to include third photographer’s assistant in the tips so we had to handle that straight away.

2)       Have paper copy of your timeline, order of processional, order of portraits, list of important numbers, list of important MUSIC, and a CD COPY of all important music.

3)       Get plenty of sleep the night before.





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love the advice!!

great info!

This is really great advice.  Now I have to finagle my budget to include a DOC.