Oct 15, 2012


~DIY: Tears Of Joy~

Here are our tears of joy packets! I made the labels and Josh found the packets (at Walmart - Martha Stewart) and the mini kleenex packages. We took the confetti out of the Martha Stewart packs and stuffed the mini kleenex in there (we had to cut a little bit off each one to get it to fit right). Finished product:

DIY Tears Of Joy photo 1DIY Tears Of Joy photo 2DIY Tears Of Joy photo 3

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Hi ashley!

Oh this is a brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!

Love them!!

Hey Ashley, did you use a paper cutter to cut the kleenex? I have the same Martha Stewart bags and well you have inspired me to do Tears of Joy with them (translation: Sorry for copying your wonderful idea) Any help would be appreciated :) thanks hun!

DIY- great job!