Jun 25, 2011



I was so excited when I found out we could book our DREAM photographer!  

I won boudoir photography from her at a Wedding fair back in January 2010.  It was July 2010 before we took the b-pics but after her professionalism during the shoot and after I saw the results I knew she HAD to be our photographer!

She is such an amazing talent and an amazing person.  We feel so comfortable around her and her shooting partner / fiance, they feel like family!  I highly recommend Katya Nova Photography!  She does destination weddings too, so even if you don't live in Canada check out her website!

For our engagement session we decided to do a classy 1950s inspired shoot in Vancouver, BC's Gastown.  My dress was a christmas gift from FI, and was made by (a vendor I really recommend if you need a dress or gown on a budget!)

I think the photos came out great (even though Fi's cousin thinks we did a Prince William & Kate Middleton inspired shoot, even though we were trying to be totally original!)

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my fave one is the one of you two kissing in front of the clock!!! Like from a movie!


Love it all, and your blue dress is DIVINE!!

Your E-pics are sooo...  classicly ellegant!!  I love the vintage feel of your pics!  They came out wonderfully.