Oct 24, 2009


The Rings

The Rings photo 1The Rings photo 2

Thank Goodness, the rings are purchased!..13 days before the wedding.  My ring wasn't a problem because I fit the band out of the case, so i could just purchase what they have, now..FH, different story..we're having to rush order his band (which I'm not fond of by the way) and if it doesn't get here before the wedding, he'll have to wear the band out of the case from the store..oh well..we'll just have to have the "real" ring blessed once it comes in.

FH's ring is a 2 tone 14K band.  Mine is a 2 1/2 carat 14K gold set.. I've been promised an upgrade to a solitare in the middle on our 2 yr anniversary ..1 yr will be crazy what with our plans to start a family right away.. =)

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