Sep 19, 2009



I was super nervous!! My grandfather was talking to me the whole processesion lol, and he's 75% def, so when the officiant asked who gives me away, he was silent haha. I said" grandpa, that's you"  he said "what?!" "grandpa, just say 'I DO' " lol

The sun was in Butch' eyes, so he was moving around, but it was nice, I tried to absorb all of it!


I processed right from the limo =)

CEREMONY photo 1

yeah, they wore their glasses down.... did NOT know they were going to do that

CEREMONY photo 2

CEREMONY photo 3

CEREMONY photo 4

CEREMONY photo 5

CEREMONY photo 6

CEREMONY photo 7

CEREMONY photo 8

CEREMONY photo 9

CEREMONY photo 10

CEREMONY photo 11




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gorgeous! love the hands shots\

You looked so pretty!  Love your hair!  Beautiful wedding!  Congrats :)

How beautiful, I just love the last picture! You are so stunning!


Aww Jess, you were such a gorgeous bride!  Congrats!