Mar 21, 2009


Dress + Accessories

My dress was Mori Lee #2164, it was the 2nd dress I tried on and everyone loved it! I see it as a "sign" because in the stitching are C's and J's, which are our initials :) Silly, I know.

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d1rtymart1n1 was the sweetest and mailed me 2 FREE veils. I am so thankful, I definately couldnt afford to spend $100+ on a veil (ick, sorry about the back fat!)
Dress Accessories photo 3

My "something blue" dress tag. I bought some iron on fabric at Michael's for $1 and had a lady at my husband's work embroider a monogram and our wedding date on it.
Dress Accessories photo 4

I attempted to dye my petticoat red, it turned out pink and I'm glad it did because I love it!
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I am such a clutz and I knew that I couldn't wear heels so I purchased a pair of flats from I also wore my boots most of the reception
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DH is a huge Boston fan, so I bought these from ebay to surprise him. Seller: kristis_charmed_life
Dress Accessories photo 8

I wore two bracelets one that my husband got for me as a wedding gift and the other my bridesmaid, Rachel, bought me. I also wore, some earrings that I bought at walmart earlier that day because the ones I bought broke and I wore a pair of diamond studs that DH got me for our 1 year anniversary.
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