Aug 31, 2008


Bridesmaid Dress

After MUCH looking around, it was inevitable I was going to pick a dress from the Dessy Collection. I LOVE their dresses!!! We stumbled upon this one and it just worked. We had originally picked out a long black dress, but then thought it was too formal for a summer/ chapel wedding.  I have my two sisters (Maid & Matron on Honor) and two best friends (Bridesmaids) and each of them look adorable in this dress!  Im so glad this worked for everyone!

Bridesmaid Dress photo 1  Bridesmaid Dress photo 2
My beautiful niece (Jr. BM)                                     My niece Sid (FG) taking a peak... Love it!
Bridesmaid Dress photo 3  Bridesmaid Dress photo 4


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what style are you bm dresses? i'm in love!!! :D your wedding is beautiful!