Aug 31, 2008


Bridal Shower Invites

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We are doing a 'message in a bottle' for my Bridal Shower invites! I actually wanted to stay out of some planning for once- but I thought of this idea which kinda got me involved. Jason and I REALLY want to go on a nice HM, so we registered for one, and we are now going with the Caribbean theme for the bridal shower. These aren't the exact ones, my BM and I changed the look a bit. We got white sand, a few small shells to put inside, the invites are on aqua blue metallic paper, and tying them with a little straw piece. We also may emboss a shell stamp on the invite? I'm excited b/c its an opposite 'theme' from the wedding, lighten up the mood a little bit :) I get to use some color and prettiness.

Finished product!!! (before the labels)

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