Jul 10, 2010


Colors and Decor

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Colors: purple, blue, green, white, and silver for the metallic elements

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We are having two tents, with a smaller tent linking them, to accommodate an awesome tree in the middle of the yard.  All tables will have line of sight to the dance floor, where most of the events will occur.  I plan to hang paper lanterns in our colors from the rafters of the tent, and in the trees.  Various sizes of lanterns will be used.

12" White Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern - Click to enlarge 3.5" Sage Green Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern (10 Pack) - Click to enlarge 8" Light Lavender Round Paper Lantern - Click to enlarge 3.5" Ice Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern (10 Pack) - Click to enlarge


The bar will be in the back, and the food towards the front, so that should make sure everyone circulates and nobody feels "exiled".  We will have white chairs, and white tableclothes (3/4 length so they will sit about 6in above the grass) with lavender organza overlays.  Our dishes will be silver-rimmed.

Centerpiece Inspiration: Peonies and Hydrangea

Colors and Decor photo 5 Colors and Decor photo 6 Colors and Decor photo 7 Colors and Decor photo 8 Colors and Decor photo 9 

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Beautiful palette of colors.. it is calming, and peaceful!