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{{The Budget}}

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Well, this is one wedding related issue I refuse to stress over... We don't have a huge budget but I'm working every angle and searching for the best deals... Our budget right now is $10,000- $15,000... We eliminated a lot of "my wants" to get our current budget… Hopefully, in the end, it'll be less than that... We've run into some financial issues, so in order to get married on our day, our way, we need to do this… Ever since I was a little girl, I always imagined this big, huge, fairy tale wedding will all the frills and bells and whistles that I could imagine.. Realistically, my dream wedding would be one that would end up costing $150 per person… RIGHT!!! Now that I'm in love and actually planning my own wedding, I realize that there are more important things than having the event of the century - and that's the meaning of the actual wedding and the celebration as a whole... We've decided to cut costs by having a cocktail reception... We were going to cut the guest list from 350 (which still wasn't enough to invite everyone I wanted to) down to 200 to save a bunch of money, but with a cocktail reception, we can invite the 350 people and it'll still be cheaper than a sit-down meal anywhere else... I plan to DIY a lot of things like the STD's, invitations, flowers, centerpieces, and favors… My mom knows a lady who makes cakes, so that won't be a huge expense… Our biggest expense right now is our honeymoon, but to me, that's understandable. The way I see it is - whether it's a wedding that costs us $50,000 or one that costs $10,000, we'll still be married. The meaning is still the same - and to me that's the most important thing

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I AM SOO WITH YOU ON THIS!! that is my budget range as well. you have to be realistic!!