Aug 07, 2011


How we met

We met in 2003 while working at Lowes Home Improvement, but we didnt officially start dating until 2005.Giving that I was fresh out of High school I didnt care to be there. Everyone would say I was  mean and didnt smile at all(which made me unapproachable, so he said). I worked in the Home decor department and he work in Lumber (opposite sides of the store). We really didnt have any interaction with  each other. Now every now in then when we both had to work on the weekends.We would both come in and have on the same new "Air Jordans" that came out that weekend. I guess we both took notice and thats all we would talk about. Are conversations would start off like " Are you getting the new Jordans that's comming out". Then we started going out to lunch and meeting up in the breakroom, but still didn't look at each other like that. Until some one had a party and we both were dressed to impress. When we seen each other that nite and started to talk you can tell it was different by the way we would both looking  at one another.He finally build up enough courage to asked me to dance. Parties over, now I started walking to my car and he offered to walk me. He was a real gentleman. Now back at work and we seem to have gotten a little closer. Now you know how you can tell someone likes you but they wont make that move? Now the girls in my department decided to tell him "I think Madonna likes you". (I didnt know they had did that untill later on) the next day we got off work late I was telling him a story about my car and  he cut me off and said " Just give your number so you can tell me later".  So I gave him my number and we have been together since.

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Cute story :-)

i love the jordans part!