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{{My PW Persona}}

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If you want an honest opinion or constructive criticism, trust me, I am your girl… I won't say I like something if I don't and I won't tell you you look good in something if I think you could look better in something else… I try to treat all the PW brides with the honesty I afford to only my best friends... They always come to me if they need advice on some drama because they know I'll be the one to tell it like it is, and I can only hope that principle, an honest opinion, would be appreciated more than a white-lie here on PW, especially when it comes to a girl's wedding… If I say something you didn't want to hear or that clearly rubbed you the wrong way, in advance, I am sorry!!!! PM me and we can talk about it... I am not that girl here on the forums trying to keep something going…EVER!!!

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I love it... I will come to you for opinions :)  I love honesty!!! Brutal honesty :P