Mar 03, 2010


The Shoes!

I hunted far and wide for a comfortable pair of theoretical 'glass slippers' to marry my prince in. But being a size 11 does tend to make things a little difficult in a size 8 average world.

My mum and I went down to brisband in April this year and found a really gorgeous pair of red, italian, patent leather heels.

The Shoes photo 1

I decided to wear them last weekend to my parent's 30th wedding anniversary dinner.
*insert dead pac-man music here*
I put them on, did my make-up and by the time I'd finished my toes were numb... my make-up generally only takes 5-10 minutes... THEY WERE TOO SMALL :'(

I was so upset, my wedding shoes didn't fit!

I told my mum and wonderful person that she is, asked if she could try them on a few days later. They fit like a glove and made her feet look gorgeous. So she offered to buy them off me and give me the money towards the wedding or another pair of shoes. YAY for mum!

So yesterday after work I pop round to one of our sister stores (they're all under the same group) and I wincingly (is that even a word? If not it is now!) asked her if they had any pretty heels in a size 11. She found me 3! It must be a record or something!

And I fell in love with these babies. I originally wanted something I could wear again but with a price tag of $20 (reduced from $80) who cares?! :D

The Shoes photo 2The Shoes photo 3

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I love your shoes!!! So glad it all worked out int he end!

nice shoes!

Your shoes look fab. Don't you love a bargin!