May 02, 2009


~GatorGroom is a PW Member~

While I was sleeping in one morning on our honeymoon, DH decided to create his own PW account (GatorGroom, naturally) and post a thread. These were his words:


As I sip on a fruity cocktail (not typically my schtick but hey, I'm on my honeymoon) and GatorBride rests peacefully on our last full day of honeymoon bliss, I thought I'd take a chance to give you guys (gals!!!) a peek into a male's perspective on what my wife (hehe) has put together over the last year.

As most of you can tell by the few pictues and admittedly biased accounts so far, the wedding was an ASTOUNDING success.  The number of "best wedding I've ever attended" comments can not be counted on two hands.  It really was a "perfect wedding".

GatorBride really put on a show for all of our guests.  For the past year, she has truly put her heart and soul into making our wedding the best it could possibly be, and for it to exceed even her expectations really goes to show how amazing it was. Yes, I was involved in the planning, and when it came to execution, I'm proud to say that I, along with my best man and our loyal followers really busted tail to bring GatorBride's vision to life.

The most amazing thing that you should all understand about my wife and this wedding is, that above and beyond what has been revealed in stories and comments and truly astounding pictures, is that GatorBride will be an even more amazing and beautiful and complete wife that anyone could ever ask for.

She truly is an amazing woman, and I am lucky to have her. 

Thank you all for giving her so much of what has needed to make this wedding so very special.  I truly believe that on her own, it would have been much more difficult and stressful to do what she's done.  She would have done it on her own; she's that kind of person for sure.  But the value of your input and support can not be understated, and for that I have a real appreciation and respect for you all.

Thankfully and Sincerely yours,



I decided to save this in my bio because I will cherish the sentiment always, and I feel like it's a great reminder to me of what a great man I married. Love me some GatorGroom!

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How stinking sweet is this!!! What an awesome gatorgroom you have :)

So awesome... :-)

I just now saw this!!!  Where have I been???  So sweet!

Wow! What a sweetheart!