Nov 17, 2012

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Joe and I

Here is me and Joe's story:

I first met Joe in 2005 when we both worked at Kroger together.  He didn't talk much and always kept to himself, but I always said a "hey" or "hello".  I was dating another guy in high school at the time, so Joe quickly left my thoughts.
I get into my senior year.  It's all amazing and great throughout the first part of the year, but come time for band banquet (I'm a proud band nerd-I played flute!  And no, I did not go to band camp!), prom, and graduation it all fell apart.  That guy I was dating cheated on me with one of my classmates.  To say I was heartbroken and devistated is an understatement.  I never wanted anything to do with men ever again!  Little did I know someone would come along and completely change my mind...

Joe and I got reintroduced that summer (2006).  I had walked into Kroger, where my now-ex was working, hoping to make him see me, and maybe get him back (since I was 18 and stupid).  I was with my friend Ryan (who's a girl) and as we were leaving the self checkout I hear a, "bye Dani!"  I turn around and there's Joe: smiling his big grin and waving.  Of course, I couldn't remember his name!  I had to look at his name tag!  We started talking, and I asked him if he wanted my digits (so cool, right?).  The three of us (being me, Joe and Ryan) hung out a lot that summer!  The rest is history!

 I am so lucky to be loved by this amazing man.  I couldn't ask for better!

Joe and I just being goofballs :] Joe and I photo 1
Joe and I photo 2 Joe and I photo 3

Our future plans involve moving out of Texas and to the beautiful state of Colorado!

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You guys are so cute! And yes, your hair changes a bit!! ;) :)

haha, thank you Lex!  I have color ADD....you couldn't tell though, right?

Your pictures are so cute! I love the different hair colors!

your story is so cute dani!!! love it, i hope you get a ring soon :)