Sep 18, 2009


~Pro Pics~

Taken by the fabulous Tammy Odell.

Getting Ready/Accessories/Pre-Ceremony

                             Our venue was the Dominion House in Guthrie, OK.  It was so beautiful.


                                                    My dress was a Maggie Sottero Milana



         Some of my jewelry, all purchased from Etsy.  Thanks, Beatie, for recommending Mikan Designs                                                                for this gorgeous bracelet.



                                                     My shoes were my something blue



                        Our FG basket was an antique and our RB pillow was vintage Air Force fabric. 


                                                  My hair flower was also from etsy.  :)


                                               My mom was so good at tying my corset!



Steve gave me this necklace as a wedding day gift.  It is the original diamond that was in the engagement ring of his grandmother's that he gave me when he proposed.  He put a bigger diamond in mine, but I got to wear  the original diamond around my neck. I LOVE this necklace.


     I love that my photographer captured me on my iphone.  lol  I was probably checking the weather.  :)








              This is probably my favorite picture.  Three generations, my grandmother, my mom, and me. 




             I had my late grandmother's brooch fastened to my bouquet.  My sister surprised me with it.


                                               I love all these ring shots that Tammy did. 



                                                    Our florist did such an amazing job. 



                                   My sisters each had a piece of my grandmother's jewelry too.

































          Our guests saw these details when they walked into the garden.  Our guest book was from etsy.


   My mom and dad and friend spent hours on these program fans.  My grandpa made the box they're in.  :)


                           The grandparents and parents walked to Edelweiss played on classical guitar.



                                                             Waiting for us girls.  :)


                  Here come the bridesmaids!  They walked to a classical guitarist playing January Rain.





Our RB and FG were SO cute together.  She ran out of petals at the end of the aisle and yelled "I'm out of flowers, Mommy!"  (Her mom was one of my bridesmaids.)  You can see the petals thin out down the aisle.   :)




     My dad and I walked to "Ashokan Farewell" played by our guitarist and one of my former violin students.











My friend Mindy sang "How Great Thou Art" in honor of our grandparents who have passed away.  It was a very special song for me and my grandfather and I wish so much that he could have been there at my wedding.                             


       My friend Brooke did the scripture reading, even though she had a horrible cold.  What a trooper!   :)




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I loved how your necklace had the diamond from your grandmothers ring :) such a sweet sentiment!

OMG I am totally in love with your dress - and you look amazing in it! Your wedding was beautiful! Congrats!

I love your colors and your style. Seems like you enjoy etsy a lot! Bottom line beautiful wedding. Congrats MRS!

This is so special! I love it!