Aug 01, 2010


Gown Damage Photos

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Upon further inspection, there was very minimal damage to the lace. This was the worst spot I found, there weren't any other tears or snags like this anywhere else. It looks repairable to me.

Gown Damage Photos photo 1

The bottom of the gown got kinda dirty too, the gown has NOT been cleaned yet so chances are MUCH of the dirties will come out. If not, the dirt only comes up about 3 inches. I am 5'9 and wore heels and the gown was still a little long, therefore if you are shorter/dont plan on wearing heels/or the gown needs to be hemmed, most if not all of this damage would be cut off anyhow.

Gown Damage Photos photo 2

Above & Below- These are the dirtiest spots I could find around the bottom of the dress.

Gown Damage Photos photo 3

Gown Damage Photos photo 4

As You can see, its all very minimal. :) Any other questions or requests just PM me!

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