Nov 14, 2009


We're Married!

I think the best thing was that we had no preconceived notion of how the day would actually turn out--except that we'd be married at the end, so to us, everything was perfect.

Day before...

We were so late getting everything we needed together to set up the hall on the Friday.  I spend 45 minutes cutting the seating arrangement, table numbers, etc at the UPS store that my arm killed (I had to take muscle relaxers) for 4 days after!  The music rental company took forever getting DH the speakers, etc that we were about and hour and a half late to set up the recpetion hall.  When we finally got there, their service manager just said their staff would do it all for us.  So we left the flowers, kids bags, guest book, table numbers, cards, etc for them to do.  I had wanted to see it all set up myself, but it was just as lovely the next day.  So, off we went to set up the ceremony hall, and have a rehearsal.  You'd think with no bridal party that it would have been organized and quick...no.  My kid was running around with my sister's kids, my friend (who sang during the signing) had her kids too--it was a hilarious mad house.  But we got our 5 minutes to zip through the ceremony.  Then we had  a great little party/rehearsal dinner at our house.  Low key, great friends, food, no speeches are anything like that.

FI spent the night at our place with his brother and son, and I stayed with my parents.

Morning of...

It was supposed to be overcast and rainy, but we woke up to a gorgeous, bright mild November morning.  I was so happy!!

I actually got to have a little sleep in (til 8 or so).  It was a really relaxing morning--my mom had  mimosas, my dad picked up our flowers, and I had my hair done at 10:30.  She did the most amazing job ever.  I loved the trial, but this was a million times better (I'll have to post a pick of the back when I find a good one).  Then we had more time to relax afterwards until the photogs showed up at 2.  So I had some more mimosas, put on my makeup and then had some pics done. 

It's a bit strange having a camera in your face for so long, but I am so pleased with the pics he took!  He didn't have a ton of time, and I felt a bit rushed on the way to the ceremony, especially when we encountered traffic on the highway, but we made it just in time (and there were still a couple of guests arriving!).

I got a bit frazzled right before the ceremony, especially when I realized I didn't have the copy of the poem FI and I were reading, but our officiant had a copy, so we were good.  Right before we began, our son decided he wanted to walk with me, instead of my hubby, so in the same spirit of "going with the flow" off we went.


Apparently, according to FI our guests didn't even notice the music had started and he began walking up the aisle with the parents.  They kept smiling at him and chatting, all the while he was thinking..."hey, this is the wedding now..."  But they figured it out.  When we came in (that's me, my mom, my dad and my son) they opened the french doors into the hall, the sun was streaming in from all of the windows...it was gorgeous.  The four of us croweded up the aisle in a way only such a close family can...Fi looked amazing waiting at the front!

Our ceremony was totally us.  A little unorganized, chaotic, and super personal.  Our son tugged on my to leave pretty soon after we began, he stripped off his tie and jacket (ah, three year olds) and spent the rest of ceremony in just his pants and shirt.  Our officiant (who we'd only met once before) was wonderful.  I had put the ceremony together, but she added some things of her own that were perfect.  My sister did a reading (Falling in love is like owning a dog) and knowing her personality did an amazing job.  Our vows were simple, and we read a poem that was quite "us"--it was really nice to had our guests laugh when appropriate--espeically when Fi said he would "choo-choo-choose me" to be his wife (though I think we also brought many to tears).  The vows we said to our son were the real tear-jerkers though, and he was so excited to get his special bear that we made for him at Build-a-Bear.  My dear friend sang "The Luckiest" while we signed the register with our mom's and our son, and that, with the beautiful sun still streaming in, and our closest friends and family looking on...it was a wonderful feeling.  Obviously shortly after we were presented as husband and wife--which we already called each other (since our son was born) but it actually sounded different.  Luckily we don't feel different!

Here's another funny hitch...I was a bit shocked to come in and find some guests standing...but I chalked it up to their fault because there were empty seats!  Then, at the end of the ceremony, we were worried we wouldn't have enough light to take pictures, so I quickly thanked everyone, and wanted to let them know we wouldn't be doing a receiving line, but they could head over to the reception hall where the bar would be open and hors d'oeuvres would be served.  Well, was that ever the wrong thing to say, because they started leaving and didn't even wait for us to walk back down the aisle!!  It made me laugh--no point in getting upset.  So, halfway down the aisle, we were cracking jokes about it!


We lucked out with our photographers, they were great.  They had also recently shot a wedding at our venue and knew all of these great places to go.  So off DH, our son, myself, our photogs (and their trainee) zipped in golf carts to quickly do pics before the sun went down.  They'd told us though, that the pics would be okay, a bit more character in the graininess the darker it got.  To be honest, I don't mind those pics.  My dress was already filthy by this point, so we just had some fun.


A couple more hitches!  No, not at our wedding!  We had somehow miscounted the number of kids, so my cousin's son didn't have a goody bag.  So, off went our wedding coordinator to the dollar store to get him some stuff the other kids had (she was great!).  A long lost cousin, who was actually invited, but never RSVPed showed up, and with a date!!  Ha!  I cursed a little at that one, but it actually worked out.  One of my cousin's kids (2 of them) were sick, so there were two seats at their table.  Then one uncle and another cousin couldn't make it last minute, so there were two "plates" available...so more crisis averted.

The rest of the night was great!  The food was amazing!  We had great speeches--our MC, a close friend and Best Man kind of guy, was fantastic.  My dad sang, my mom cried.  My inlaws shared funny stories and a slide show of our lives.  People drank, ate, talked, laughed...we had song names on the backs of table numbers for people to sing to get us to kiss.  Some sang them, some made up their own songs--it was so much fun.  Our son was a bit clingy, but it was a busy day with a lot of attention.  The three of us danced our first dance, and he danced with my father and I as well, but again...you go with the flow. 

When the reception music got going (after DH spend hours mixing it himself on the computer) I don't think the kids left the dance floor.  Actually, I barely did either.  We shut the place down ourselves!

End of the night...

It was actlly nice to be one of the last people there--I got to enjoy every little last second of the day (plus I got to wear my dress for a long, long time!).  Dh and I went back to the hotel later, enjoyed a nice relaxing jacuzzi and again slept in.

We enjoyed breakfast in the hotel the next morning with some family and friends, then lunch with our parents.  So many people raved at how much fun they had and how "us" it was. 

I guess that, and the fact that I married my best friend and a wonderful man, just made it the best day ever.  You can't ask for more than that!

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