Nov 20, 2010


About Us

Anthony and I met January 25, 2008. From the very beginning we knew what we had was special. Our relationship has been nothing but easy and comfortable from the very beginning. Spending the rest of our lives together became the plan early on and on May 16, 2009 we were engaged. Our excitement for the wedding day grows with each passing day. Starting our lives together is a joy we can't wait to experience!

Request me as a friend to see my entire bio and more about my wedding! I don't want my family and fiance to even have the possibility of seeing my dress!


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haha!  Our timelines (yearwise at least) are the same!  We also met and started dating in 2008 (November for us), got engaged in 2009 (September for us), and married in 2010 (civil ceremony in April and wedding in October for us)!  I love your story and I know very much how you feel on that.  I knew my husband was the one pretty much from the start.  

That is to sweet! You are such a beautiful couple!!

I love when you know its the one right away!

You got engaged on the best day of the year! My birthday!