Sep 13, 2008


The Venue

Well if I could have my choice, without a budget concern, I'd go for the following venues:

Conrad Bali

The Venue photo 1

Disneyland (castle front with Cinderella coach entrance)

The Venue photo 2


Back to reality.....

My rule was simple: no hotels, no Chinese restaurant, no ballrooms (just because they ALL look the same!)
I wanted a place that has gorgeous backdrop for photos, and not costing me $3K to rent.

The Venue photo 3

My original top 3 choices:
1) Sherman Garden - too expensive
2) Queen Mary - ballroom... bleh
3) Huntington Beach Library park - all DIY... too hard

Then I found the perfect venue... garden recemony + reception, great location, almost all-inclusive, at a cheaper-than-average price!  Every corner in this Spanish courtyard is a picture-perfect spot. I also love how enclosed it is for an intimate feeling.


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Hi Elaine, I know it has been a long time since your wedding but i'm planning a garden ceremony and I saw your post. May I ask where you got married? It looks great. Thx.