Feb 20, 2010


a special purchase from PW.

I just love this bracelet I bought from Midnyteblue. It is the popular Dana Saylor bracelet and I am excited to wear something that a fellow PWer wore on their big day :). I will also be selling this after my wedding...hopefully another bride will look forward to wearing it as much as I am!

Thanks Faith!

EDIT - Sold to my friend, xxxashleyxxx07

a special purchase from PW photo 1a special purchase from PW photo 2

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That's why we love PW!!!

I love your bracelet!!!! I am getting married in Toronto in March and if you haven't sold it yet I would love to buy it from you and then pass it on after my wedding! Let me know!! 

Oh, the note was so sweet!!!  I'm having a hard time selling ANYTHING from my wedding...  :)

Em.. That is so sweet! I would be honored if I can wear this beautiful bracelet for my wedding as well! My date is not till June 2011 so if someone buys it prio to that date please keep me in mind!