Jul 11, 2010


Location, location, location

My old manager had mentioned that she had gotten married at the barn and I looked into early on, but then we decided that we were going to get married in Vegas, so I didn't give it anymore thoughts.  Then we looked at the budget and we decided to move it in state.  So I was drawn back to the barn again, this time they didn't have our orginal date open, but we decided to check on it anyways.  Once we stepped inside, I was in love.  I love how its so natural and open, it's a blank canvas.  They don't charge you to set up or clean up.  They only charge you when you're having fun!  You can bring in your own alcohol, which was a plus for us, and you can decide what caterer you like.  The silo acts as the bar, which is super cool.  We'll host our cocktail hour in the market square, which is outside in the back.  I loved that they have a gazebo that you can have your ceremony in, that's where we'll have our ceremony.  I'm so glad that I looked here!  The pictures were taken here on our scouting trip with my parents, another party was setting up for a wedding that was taking place later.

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I love your venue!

I'm so in love with your new venue :)  I'm so glad you decided to keep it near home :)

I wish I knew you can have a wedding in a barn.. I so would've done it!  I was pretty sheltered to the "wedding business" before I started planning :)