Jul 11, 2010



I work in a floral shop and my flowers are very important, but at the same time I don't want to invest so much money into them.  So finding something that I can compromise with has been extremely hard.  This is what I've been thinking right now, but may change....

My bouquet

Flowers photo 1

I will be doing cream roses, yellow mini cala lillies and white alstromeria.

The Bout.

Flowers photo 2

Yellow mini cala lillies  (I love the wrapped bear grass!)

The Bridesmaid's Bouquet

Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4



I haven't decided which one I like more.  The flowers will be yellow.

(3) Comments

I LOVE calla lilies! My bouquet is 3 giant pink callas and my FI will have a mini white calla! :)

Love the daisys!

I love the white ones in the vases! Simple and sweet! Calla lillies are my fav and mini calla lillies? SOO CUTE!