Aug 01, 2009



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Thank you so much!!!

Here is what our sand vase looked like when all the sand was combined. You can't see it here, but it's engraved with our names and the date.


We purchased the personalized sand vase on ebay. The set included the vase and 3 pouring containers. We purchased the remainder of the pouring containers from the Dollar store. I purchased the sand from Oriental Trading because they had a good selection of colors. In order to make sure all the sand fit into the engraved vase, my DH used water first to see how much sand needed to go into each container. As far as what order to pour the sand, we did oldest to youngest.

i just love your DHs and your dad's tie!  your bouquet & dress is gorgeous!  congrats!

Hi there....I am so sorry to bug but I just saw your last posting about updating your bio and of course had to take a peek. I have a question where did you get your sand ceremony set? I have looked and looked and I can't find one that fits the size of my new blended family. We have 3 girls and 3 boys and the 2 of us. And the one's that I have found are only sets of 2 and 4 without the option to buy additional pieces.

Also do you have pic's of it when you all combined your sands? Did you keep it stored in the larger vase or move it into something more secure? Also I was thinking of the order of how we poured the individual sands did you take that into account?

Sorry to impose and the flurry of questions but any help would be greatly appreciated.