Aug 01, 2009


Wedding Day Recap

It was a beautiful sunny summer day for our outdoor wedding. The wedding party of 6 consisted of the 2 of us and our children, we each have 2 children. The ceremony was intimate with family only in attendance. I will never forget the moment, tears, and hugs my Dad and I shared just before walking down the aisle. The expression on DH's face when he saw me for the first time was also unforgettable.

My sister and his brother both performed readings during the ceremony. The sand ceremony was sentimental and symbolized blending of our families. The end result is a very colorful sand vase that is on display in our home. We couldn't stop smiling through our vows which confirms the mutual love and respect we have for each other. It was pure joy! The recessional song "Beautiful Day" by U2 was played as we walked hand-in-hand as man and wife.

Immediately following the ceremony, we had 110 guests in attendance for the reception. The food was great and we received several favorable compliments from our guests about the reception.

We are so blessed that our family and friends were with us to celebrate our special day.

Morning of the Wedding: The bridesmaids and I went to breakfast and then off to our hair appointment. My hairstylist was awesome. She had mimosas, orange juice, muffins, and fruit waiting for us when we arrived. I was so happy with the way my hair turned out and the girls liked the styles they chose. After that, my daughter (MOH) and I picked up our dresses at the house. Next stop was makeup. Good thing for trials because it only took 20 minutes to apply the makeup and we were off to the venue.

We were ahead of schedule. When we got on the highway there was bumper to bumper traffic due to an accident. As we were slowly moving through traffic, my daughter noticed smoke was starting to come from the engine and the temperature gage was HOT. My car was over heated. That's when my wedding day Hero, Eric showed up. Eric saw that we were stranded on the side of the road and drove my daughter and I to the venue. Thanks to Eric who "got me to the chapel" on time.

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