Dec 04, 2009


~Photo Station~

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Taking lead from budoh - we decided to have a photo station with hats, crowns & props; our station was manned by PW bride caribear!

here are some teasers:

Photo Station photo 1-->kristeen and our cute RB!

Photo Station photo 2me, groomsman Tony and some friends

Photo Station photo 3 smooching the groom!  LOL!!

Photo Station photo 4--> that's my hubbs!!!

Photo Station photo 5--> me, my stepson, and our ringbearer! =)

Photo Station photo 6--> me and the lovely gals from pw!

L to R: caribear, lizee, chica, kristeen, me, octobersky, ana4rodrigo

all photobooth pics from cari hollis photography

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looks like fun! did they print it out right away so the guest can take them home?

these are soooo FUN!!!!! i love them