Dec 04, 2009



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I sent the florist a pic of Kristeen's bouquet as inspiration - but asked for mine to not be "so glam" and a little more simple since i'm not super glam LOL!

Xavi from Petals by Xavi did a superb job on the bouquets!  Everything i asked for was in that bouquet - it was more than i expected and I was so pleased with all our bouquets!  Mine was easily 10 pounds! LOL!

Bouquet photo 1(photo by anne sason)

my bouquet consisted of white hydrangea, crysanthemums, orchids and crystal details

the bm bouquets were all white crysanthemums

more pics to follow ;-)

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I love this pic of you and your DH with your big boquet! AWWW... you looked absolutley stunning!!!

aawwww thanks! how sweet are you A!!!  i so cannot wait to see your pics!  6 more months!!!  =)

absolutely love that, M!!  just beautiful