Dec 18, 2009


The Wedding!!! 12-18-09

We had a wonderful Wedding Day!

More Pro Pics-



Detail pictures-

The Bm Dresses

My lilafrances hanger :)


My headband

My Ceremony Shoes

My bouquet and reception shoes

My Dress!



Getting ready-

The girls spent the morning in the spa then went to our room to get dressed.

The boys spent the morning at the pool and then went to the spa for a steam and some grooming and to get ready.


  The girls and I



My flower girl and daughter

The Guys

Tims gift-

The Ceremony-

My Mom

My MIL                                            My FIL

Our Minister cracked us up!!

our unity box

Me getting ask an impromptu question (see the fear on my face) :)

Tims Promise ceremony to Gray

Our Vows

You are now pronounced Man and wife!!!!!!

You may Kiss the Bride :)

Yea!!! We're Married!!!!



 pics session-

My Family                                                                          My new family

             Our Family

My Favorite photo from my Ohio State Days!! OH-IO


Got to eat Yum Yum!!

I got my Dress Bustled                                                   Tim got himself a beer :)




First Dances-

Tim and I-

My Dad and I

Tim and His Mom




Cake Cutting-





(14) Comments

Simply gorgeous!  Such elegance!

Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful!!!!

BEAUTIFUL wedding!!!! I love your OH-IO pic!! hehe

Your wedding is like a breath of fresh air!  So beautiful.