Dec 04, 2009


~Hit Me Baby, One More Time~

Welcome to my Bio!

As I make the transition from a planning bride-to-be to being a member of the MRS CLUB, my bio is under modification, so there are going to be things out of place, etc -- bear with me!

First, I want to thank all the ladies who I've been in the "planning trenches" with; some are gone, while some are on the TTC boards, and some have kept in touch outside PW.  We are the old school ladies now, and while PW moves forward with more and more brides to be, our names will be filed away in long memory, you old time girls will always have a special place in my heart!

It's very rare to find a place to call "home" for the 12 months or so while planning your wedding day, but I have had the distinct pleasure and honor to have planned 2 weddings (to the same kickass dude, of course) alongside such wonderful ladies here on PW!  

Alongside Wil, kristeen, beatie, kohler44, AMiller, HMM, I was part of the FIRST AND ORIGINAL PROJECT WEDDING HOSTESS TEAM!   While I've since stepped down, PW will always hold fun memories on the journey of building "the day", or in my case, "the dayS"!

... and are you ready for something else?  We are planning a 2nd reception for all the family and friends who couldnt travel to SoCal for our wedding on Dec 4.  We are still kicking some dates around, but I'll be staying on for just a teensy while longer to plan one more event!  WoooHoooo!!

While we wait for our pro pics from our superb photog, Kristi Klemens, here are a few candids from our reception:

Hit Me Baby One More Time photo 1 Hit Me Baby One More Time photo 2

Hit Me Baby One More Time photo 3 Hit Me Baby One More Time photo 4


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Oh mama you looked beautiful!! Loved the pitcher drink BTW!! LOL

You two looked beautiful!

Very well said!!!! :D

awe I can't wait to see more pictures!!