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Wedding Recap

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Our wedding day was beautiful and more than I could ever imagine!  I loved my venue, DOC, photographers, hair stylist and florist!  There weren't really any snafus that I know of.  If there were, my DOC did a fantastic job handling it and not telling me.  During the ring exchange I gave my husband my right hand and he put the ring on and had to take it off when I realized it was the wrong hand! 

We were behind schedule because my make up artist was 45 minutes late.

The week before the wedding was extremely busy with my bridal shower, fixing my gown and buying the GM suits (yes the GM didn't buy their suits until the day before the wedding).  Planning from out of state became a challenge and I didn't have the luxury of doing multiple trials or meeting vendors on a whim.  

I hired a Jordana Hazel of Hazelnut Photography to shoot the rehearsal dinner as well.  She captured such great candids.  If you have the extra money to do this, I'd strongly recommend it. 

I was stressed out about the budget and costs adding up so quickly earlier in the planning.  But I never looked at the budget the last two weeks before the wedding.  I gave up on counting pennies and just let it go.  I think that would be my best advice to the brides.  Do all you can with budgeting in the beginning and then right before the wedding if add'l costs incur, just let it go.  It's ok.  I'd suggest setting up a $200-300 petty cash fund to cover misc expenses that arise the final week because it will happen.  You'll love your wedding in the end!!

Good luck!  Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions on my vendors.  I'm still writing reviews on all my vendors.


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Your wedding was beautiful!!!  Where did you get  your chandeliers and hanger cover?