Jul 23, 2010


Ceremony Decor

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The aisle:

There will be flower petals going down the sides. No runner though.

Ceremony Decor photo 1

My kissing balls:

I don't have hooks so they will be hanging off the sides of the chairs

Ceremony Decor photo 2

Ceremony Decor photo 3

Also there will be a sash to tie off the end of the aisle.

The Gazebo (an actual picture of my venue) in purple and champagne gold:

Ceremony Decor photo 4

(5) Comments

How did you do this? It is breathtaking

Oh the draping will be GORGEOUS!

I can't wait to see it!

Especially since it's one of my favorite colors :) {purple}


Yep, there will be fabric too. In purple and champagne gold.

Oh wow, are you going to drape fabric like that too?! Love the look!!