Aug 22, 2010


~Jewelry and Accessories~

Getting ready outfit!

Update: Melissa (plumcrush01) ended up sending me her VS Sexy Little Bride Hoodie as a "Thank You" for throwing her a Bachelorette Party re-take... I didn't expect anything for doing that for her.  It was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat just because I know we showed her a wonderful time.  I know if it had been me or any other PW girl, the wonderful people on here would have done the same. :)

Jewelry and Accessories photo 1

Update: I bought this garter from GarterLady on Etsy... I have to keep it locked up because my cat thinks it is his new toy!! ha ha ha 

Jewelry and Accessories photo 2 

Hair Flowers:

Jewelry and Accessories photo 3Jewelry and Accessories photo 4

  Jewelry and Accessories photo 5


I just bought these beauties... I saw them on SavannahBride and HAD to have them.  They are gorgeous!!  Purchased them from here:

Jewelry and Accessories photo 6

They are even prettier in-person than they are in the pics!!  My sister was like "are those real?"  IN MY DREAMS! :)

Jewelry and Accessories photo 7

My bracelet:

After fretting over being skinny-wristed, I decided to order this bracelet when fellow PW-er jenndover told me she shares the same dilemma and it fit her skinny wrists. :)

Jewelry and Accessories photo 9  Jewelry and Accessories photo 10  

I bought myself this clutch:

Jewelry and Accessories photo 11

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I LOVE your bracelet!!! Where did you get it?!

Beautiful necklaces!!!

Wow! I should have come to you for jewelry inspiration!

i got the chicago bears garter from GartersbyKristi - they are so cute!