Oct 20, 2013


Guessing Game

We've talked about getting married for years.  We know it's down the line.  But when?  Where?  With whom and with WHAT?

The BF has grown accustomed to my wedding obsessions.  We wouldn't be talking marriage if he weren't well aware of my little hobby.  That having been said, I often feel that he has an inflated idea of what my expectations are in this whole thing.  One of the categories I think he is most concerned about is the one that kicks off the whole shebang...

Guessing Game photo 1

Yeah, I know... we're in a recession, I'm unemployed, and to tell you the truth, I don't think about the ring that much anymore because of the ways things have been.  I do, however, worry that this is what is going to be our biggest barrier to getting engaged.  It's silly.  Even if I told him I don't really care about the ring anymore, he would insist on getting me "the ring you want" because 1) he wouldn't believe that I suddenly would stop caring after years of caring and 2) his family had certain expections of him and he chose a career that makes less money than, say, the doctor or lawyer they hoped he'd be; he doesn't want things like the wedding and my ring to be indicative of a lifestyle choice that would be deemed a "failure" in their eyes.  It's silly, right?

He often jokes about... well, everything, but this in particular.  The running joke is that he'll propose to me with a bagel.  That's right...

Guessing Game photo 2

Romantic, right?

Ideally, I never pictured anything huge, definitely not anything more that 1.5 carats.  He's also worried about choosing the wrong setting.  I insist that I don't want anything that fancy.  Maybe something a little unique, but I would be perfectly happy with a plain ol' solitaire. 

Here's what I envisioned as the happy medium:

Guessing Game photo 3Guessing Game photo 4

Something about hidden diamonds is kind of awesome.

Oh well.  Keep dreaming, I guess....

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Solitaires for the win!


i really love your taste in rings!