Aug 22, 2010


~The Bling~

My little one holding my rings in her hand...

The Bling photo 1

Trying them out together- I love my set.  It is really sparkly, has tons of diamonds, but still dainty enough for my tiny hands! :)  He did a great job on the E-ring and the band!

The Bling photo 2  The Bling photo 3

The Bling photo 4  The Bling photo 5

We just bought Drew's ring today at Jared (we went to Jared! hardy-har!) for... wait for it... $198!!  We looked at White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum, but being the manly man that he is, he wanted something less "shiny".  We found this Tungsten Carbide ring and he LOVES it! It is more of a pewter color than this picture, but it is really nice.

The Bling photo 6  The Bling photo 7 

(9) Comments

That is some serious bling! They are beautiful.

Your rings are lovely! and I love FIs ring. Its classic!

Love your rings! 

Very pretty! Compliment each other! :)