Aug 29, 2009


My BLURB book!

So excited and happy about the way it turn out! Was initially nervous because the preview book had a few grainy pictures but they all turned out fine, for the most part (i included some nonpro pix). the blurb support people were very helpful and prompt in answering all my questions. they have great layouts - although each one has it's own limitations; see sample layouts below (the choices are great!). Some layouts allow text as well so you add whatever you want (ie. i added lyrics from our first dance, our blessing of the hands, and just short comments that were personal to us)! you get to be really creative and retell your wedding day in ur own way!

the dustcover is AWESOME, with the jacket flaps. In all, my book is 108 pages, with about 350 photos - just the photobooth pictures page (see below) had 30 pictures on each page (so 60 in all!). I would totally recommend this company. Even my DH (who was initially skeptical and hates spending money on "extras"), said "i'm very impressed!" So we're both happy with the product. Easy to navigate, easy to design (just do a little everyday), and the final product is great!

There are lot's of other reviews the different photobook companies on the forum as well...can have a look there too!

DUST JACKET/COVER: front & back & flaps

My BLURB book photo 1 My BLURB book photo 2 My BLURB book photo 3 My BLURB book photo 4


My BLURB book photo 5 My BLURB book photo 6 My BLURB book photo 7 My BLURB book photo 8 My BLURB book photo 9 My BLURB book photo 10 My BLURB book photo 11 My BLURB book photo 12My BLURB book photo 13 My BLURB book photo 14

My BLURB book photo 15 My BLURB book photo 16My BLURB book photo 17 My BLURB book photo 18

My BLURB book photo 19 My BLURB book photo 20

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Great wedding book! I can't wait to do mine ^_^

PS I love the ring shot on the cover!

Your blurb book came out great, Chi!

Incredible!! you definitely made your already gorgeous pictures stand out with your layout choices