May 15, 2010



We shot our e-pics at the central library in Indianapolis. I thought this would be a great place since FI and I met at a library. The views over downtown are amazing! We had a great time with our student photographer Jim Kopriva. During the shoot we just happened to land in the section with all the european travel books. It was a great detail to the shots since FI and I will be spending our honeymoon in Europe!


E pics photo 1   E pics photo 2

E pics photo 3  E pics photo 4

E pics photo 5  E pics photo 6

  E pics photo 70E pics photo 8

E pics photo 9  E pics photo 10 

E pics photo 11

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I love love love your epics!! They look great ! 

This is my fav!


Wow-- these turned out pretty good. I still haven't decided which photographer I am going to use. Grr. Lol. I wanna see MORE! Lol. But thanks so much for sharing with me!! :]

I love how you had your e-pics taken at the library! So unique.

You are such a cute couple! You will be such a beautiful bride!