Aug 31, 2008


Invitations done!

DIY Invitations....

All supplies were purchased at Paper-Source. (Black Diagonal Fold Invite, Star-dream opal paper, red embossing glitter, Scroll & RSVP stamps, heating tool, and red Stardream Mars envelopes).  I had the main invite, which I embossed a scroll stamp off the side and 3 inserts, in which I also embossed the RSVP stamp too.  I loved the way they came out.  MY DH helped me soooo much with these!

:::Final Product:::

Invitations done photo 1


Invitations done photo 2 (we embossed RSVP too!)

Invitations done photo 3 (Directions & map)

Invitations done photo 4 (Tags for top of invite closure)

Invitations done photo 5 (Our red embossing)


(4) Comments

hey...i was wondering if you put anything on the front of your invites?

Your invitations are amazing too!! I love them!!! Don't you just love Paper-Source ;)

YEP :) Everything was bought at Paper-Source!  A lot of work though haha

wow, was this all DIY??