Oct 20, 2013


What I Know

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While no definite planning is happening, we discuss a lot of logistics.  We have major budgetary restrictions considering the size of our guest list and wedding location.  Here's what we know so far:

Must haves:

  • room for up to 200 guests
  • dance floor
  • BYO alcohol allowed
  • available at least until midnight
  • edible favors
  • within 4 hours of Sacramento (where we live) and the Bay Area (where we're from)
  • customizable menu 
  • all paper containing post-consumer content


  • live band
  • beautiful outdoor setting/ majestic view of nature
  • available past 1am
  • no cake cutting fee
  • able to hang things from the ceiling
  • close to comfortable, affordable lodging
  • a trusted acquaintance to be DOC at a friends-only rate
  • local flowers picked in season

In our dreams:

  • sushi/raw bar
  • bone china on the registry
  • a teary moment in a new Lazaro a la Say Yes to the Dress
  • E-session and day-of pics by my brother's friend, Ed Pingol
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I ♥ Say Yes to the Dress!!!