Aug 28, 2010


For Sale

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I will be adding a lot more items.  Stay tuned!!



Tablecloths & Overlays: {SOLD}
$200.00 $150.00 for all (you pay for shipping, free if p/u)


Products from: 

Original Costs: 

20 Round Light Blue Tablecloths (120" diameter) - $13.49 x 20 = $269.80 
2 Light Blue Rectangles (60" x 102") - $9.49 x 2 = $18.98 
20 Light Blue Organza overlays (85" x 85") - $5.89 x 20 = $117.80 
10 Turquoise Overlays (72" x 72") - $3.59 x 10 = $35.90 
Original Total: $442.48

Color: Baby Blue & Turquoise (both shimmery)

Condition: Used once, steamed, pressed, and stored in container away from direct sunlight.



Purse Organizer: $20.00 (you pay for shipping, free if p/u)

Do you ever look into your purse and see... a giant black vortex?  With a purse organizer, you can place your items into separators and compartments and be able to find that lipgloss in a snap!

Color: Orange and white

Condition: NEW



CZ Necklace: $25.00 (you pay for shipping, free if p/u)

Beautiful sterling silver & CZ necklace from Silver Lilac.

Color: Silver/white

Condition: NEW



Label Stickers: $10.00 for all + Free Shipping

Ten sheets of 1 2/3 inch diameter round bright melon label sheet from  24 circles are pre-cut on each sheet (240 round stickers total); no cutting necessary.

Color: Coral (they called it "Melon")

Condition: NEW

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Destination Planning Book: $20.00 + Free Shipping

Title:destination BRIDE by Lisa Light

Condition: NEW

From the back:

make your wedding the celebration of a lifetime anywhere in the world!

"Lisa Light has a wonderfully complete knowledge of all the details that must be handled to have a joyous destination wedding, and in her new book, Destination Bride, she offers her insights, plus thouroughly readable real-life anecdotes."

          -Rick Bard, Editor, Manhattan Bride

"This book is an absolute must for anyone considering an out-of-town wedding.  It covers all the bases, from deciding whether a destination wedding is right for you to orchestrating the event of your dreams."

          - Annette Burden, Editor-in-Chief,
            Destination Weddings & Honeymoons


A DESTINATION WEDDING is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a wonderful adventure -- not only for the bride and groom, but for everyone involved.  A wedding away from home is also a major undertaking, with challenges that no couple should face without the help of Destination Bride.

Inside, international wedding planner Lisa Light explains planning logistics and provides countless ideas for destinations and venues, making the entire process manageable and stress-free.

You'll also find:

  • Clear steps for selecting the location of your dreams, hiring reliable service providers, setting (and sticking to) a wedding budget, and making seamless travel arrangements
  • Helpful checklists, sample worksheets, maps, and important facts regarding international marriage laws and customs
  • Detailed, site-specific information on some of the most exciting wedding locales int he world, from the most well-known venues to the best-kept secrets
  • A comprehensive wedding resource guide that is a must-have for every destination bride

With her expertise and insider knowledge, Lisa Light empowers couples to plan with confidence, from picking the perfect spot to avaoiding last minute surprises.  So, if you are planning -- or even sconsidering -- a wedding away from home, don't do it without Destination Bride!

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Maggie Sottero - Vienna (size 8): {SOLD}
$750.00 + Free Shipping

Brand new, unworn.  Only tried on once, but I can't use it because it doesn't fit -- my loss, your gain.  Sparkly, lacey heaven!  Corset back, and already set with an under bustle.  Will post pictures later.

Color: Ivory

Condition: NEW

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I'm sad its sold :(  Would have bought it for my TTD.