Apr 17, 2010


The Gown(s)

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My gown!!! :D

She is a Maggie Sottero Krisha/Krisha Marie in diamond white and pewter accents.

The Gown s photo 1 On the model :)

The Gown s photo 2 And here is the view of the bustle.  It was only $35 to be put in :)

I am also having a traditional Chinese cheongsam made for our tea ceremony as well as to change into during the reception (as it is traditional for the bride to switch gowns during the reception) I will post picture of it as soon as I go in for my fitting :)


Here is my cheongsam :)  I have to say I am quite happy with how it turned out.  The detailing is very intricate and lovely.  Its a little big on me because I had lost some weight since my original fitting.  The seamstress at the shop explained that because I may lose some more weight between now and the wedding I should bring back the dress in the middle of March so that we can do the final adjustments. Makes sense.

Here is it is! sorry for the bad photo quality :P  My FI is not a very good photographer.


The Gown s photo 3


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I almost bought that Maggie dress :)