Oct 20, 2013



I went a little nuts.  I had an idea and I ran with it for longer than necessary. 

The first color scheme I wanted to practice with is something I saw yesterday when BF and I were driving around town.  It was a mostly cloudy day in Sacramento, and in the middle of crazy storms, the clouds parted and I saw colors like this:

Colors photo 1

Which inspired me to try something like this:

Colors photo 2

So I did some research and threw together this:

Colors photo 3

OK, it's a little heavier on orange than I wanted, and there's not enough gray, but I was pretty satisfied with my trial run.

There's another color scheme that I'm more serious about.  It's inspired by the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady.  For those who haven't seen the movie, everyone at Ascot is wearing blacks, whites, and grays; the set is sophisticated but the colors... well, there are hardly ANY colors.  Check out this entry from Weddingbee Pro for an idea of what it looks like:


I was watching a small documentary about the movie, and the designers were aiming to have Eliza's costume to add "a splash of color" to an otherwise colorless world.

Colors photo 4

As you can see, Eliza's costume is black and white with more contrast than the other costumes.  All of the colors comes from the flowers in Eliza's hat.  You can see it better in the Barbie made to replicate this costume:

Colors photo 5

So, I wanted to have everything clean and contrasting in black and white, with touches of the colors from Eliza's hat in the details, like the flowers, the stationery, and ribbons - the little things that take the most time anyway.  The little colors I wanted to draw out the most were red, purple, and that natural wheat color. 

Here's the color breakdown:

Colors photo 6

This is what I got:

Colors photo 7

I feel like it doesn't have enough black and white, but it's a start.  I really don't think the red and purple will be that dominant, and I feel like red and purple are too intense to have it all over the place.  I am in love with that dress - it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, so I think it's perfect!  I also wanted to include the African violets because Eliza Doolittle sells violets.  I also LOVE white anemones!


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Your color scheme is awesome!!!

Love your color scheme.

I love Audrey Hepburn and I think the way you tied the dress and even the violets into your wedding is a great idea!

I love it all!!!!1