Jul 24, 2010



Okay I said I was going to start on January 1, but I waited until January 6.  I'm going to be brave and put my weight on here so that I'm accountable.  I'm on Weight Watchers - now I just need to work out more!

Starting Weight = 200 lbs

Week One: -0.7

Week Two: -0.9

Week Three: -3.3

Week Four: -0.2

Week Five: -1.5   (down 6.5 pounds so far)

Week Six: -0.9

Week Seven: -2.0 (down 10 pounds so far)

Week Eight: +1.5 pounds - damn period

Week Nine: -2.2 

Week Ten: -1.1

Week Eleven: -3.1

Week Twelve: +1.3 (damn period)

Week Thirteen: -3.5 

Week Fourteen: +0.4

Week Fifteen: -1.3 (down a total of 19.2 pounds!)

Week Sixteen: +0.2

Week Seventeen: -2.0

Week Eighteen: -0.0 

Week Nineteen: +1.8

Week Twenty: +0.2

Week Twenty-One: -1.1

Week Twenty-Two: +0.7

Week Twenty-Three: +3.5 (HOW CAN THIS BE?????)

Week Twenty-Four: -7.4 (down to 176.9 pounds)

Week Twenty-Five: +0.9 (177.8)

Week Twenty-Six: +1.3 (179.1)



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Frassie, love, don't fret about the weight gain. I've been doing WW for the last two years trying to lose those pesky 28 pounds. You've done more in six months than I have in two years. Also, I hope they told you in your meetings that when you exercise more than you usually do your body does retain some water as it gets acclimated to your new routine. That's why you don't see the pounds dropping off instantly. As they say in my meetings "The check is in the mail." You've been doing well, despite the stress, and your reward is coming. Just keep doing what you're doing and know that you will be a beautiful bride come July!


you go girl!  I just joined Weight Watchers too!  hopefully I'll have as much success as you've been having!


Congrats congrats! That's exciting!

great way to track your progress! i'm buying a scale and doing the same! great work! keep it up!