Apr 06, 2007


The Cake

small bio photo

Sculpted objects that describe things of significance in our lives! What you see is completely edible. The ducks, Tiffany box, and butterflies are all made of sugar. We opted for two flavors, the Toasted Almond and Caramel Swirl flavors which were so.......good. YUM!!

The Base: Designer suitcase with a luggage tag that read "Denise and Sam". The second tier: Two text books, one that is med and the other law. The bindings read "Chow's Anatomy" and "Mule's Law Dictionary". Mule is my nickname for him. This symbolizes our love for learning and our respective professions.

The third tier: A gym bag with a Marine Corps emblem. This symbolizes our love for health and loyalty to the USMC.

The fourth tier: A chinese takeout box with our double happiness logo and chopsticks sticking up from the top. Real cymbidium orchids were placed at the top of the take out box. (Final photos to follow)

The Accessories: Two wedding ducks that symbolize fidelity and a happy marriage in Korean culture. I love butterflies and love jewelry. ;)

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What a beautiful cake!!! LOVE IT!

What a unique cake!!!!