Nov 06, 2010



So we have signed on with the incredible floral designers of Vintage Design Company, out of Jordan Ontario. Their lead designer and owner Jennifer is taking care of our special day. What an incredible lady she is! SO SOoo talented and creative they are going to do both the flowers we all cary/wear and the Event design. She totally "got" us from the moment we went to meet her at her house. VDC are fantastic, I'd highly reccomend!

We are going with a scheme called "Passion" which includes colors like; Crimson, Merlot, and raspberry, accented with chocolate and midnight black. LOOOVE IT!

Heres their site


Ideas for boquets and our centre pieces!

Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2

** UPDATE We have decided to wo with the tall centrepieces with the hand blown glass as a base and an arrangement on the top with a large chocolate brown pillar candle. Guests will then be able to take home the top of the centrepiece, hand blown bases are rental.


Brides Boquet!                                 Bridesmaids Boquet

Wedding Day Details photo 9Wedding Day Details photo 10Wedding Day Details photo 11

   Ceremony Florals                                                                          and me OHSO Nervous! LOL

Reception Florals/Centerpieces

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Love them!! Classic with a romantic twist!

Love, love, love!

Love the things that are hanging :)

HA HA!  I so don't know flowers... But they are soo pretty!

Love these bouquets too:

what gorgeous flowers!