Nov 06, 2010


Cake..Yum Yummy Yum!

We have chosen Willow Cake and Pastries as our cake "lady" 

Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 1

Pastry chef Catherine O'Donnell (whom I LOVE) will be designing our cake based on ideas we bring to her.

UPDATE** Flavors chosen!!

Top = Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting

Middle = Tripple Chocolate Fudge

Bottom = White Chocolate and Raspberry Mouse

My Idea so far, Ivory cake with chocolate brown flowers..

This one is our #1 that we like. Im thinking not dots though and having the swirls in the same ivory color.

Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 2 LOOK at THOSE ROSES!! Aren't they incredible??!! They are 100% chocolate, they sculpt them out of blocks of chocolate until they look like that. I am SO eating one!

More cakes we likey. See the swirlies? I like:)Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 3

Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 4Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 5

We went to do a tasting last weekend...can I just say YUM. We have 2 more trials to go, another reason why I love her. We decided on the bottom layer, her signature White Chocolate Raspberry Mouse cake..TO DIE FOR. But havent narrowed our other 2 layers just yet. I adore that we get to pick from ANY cake type and flavor we want, cheesecake, sponge, mouse..anything at all! We are thinking Amaretto cheesecake *drool and Chocolate Fudge Toblerone..who knows! More to come..... 

*Update. we have chosen our bottom and largest layer. White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse!!! YUM! Its the bakerys signature dessert and its amazingly yumy!! Not 100% on the others yet but the cheesecake when we did our first tasting was out of this world!

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Love the one with the chocolate roses.

ohhh I drive past ther on my way to Niagara-On-the Lake...I haven't gone in before.  I think I will next time out there!

I love those inspirations!

White chocolate raspberry mouse!?!? DELICIOUS, send me a piece, LOL