Mar 20, 2010


Our Rings!

I knew even before we got engaged that I wanted us to have wedding rings that coordinate, but don't match exactly.  I didn't want to wear my engagement ring with it, I just wanted a band, simple, and pretty. 

Well, when I was in Korea for Christmas to see my FI and his family, they took us to a REALLY nice department store and headed straight for the jewelry floor.  Designer stores everywhere!  And they told us to start shopping.  Wow....I've never bought designer..well, anything!  I didn't quite know what to think.  I said it was ok, that we didn't have to get designer rings, but they would not be swayed.  So we ended up choosing a set at the first place we visited, Bvlgari.  And here they are! 

Our Rings photo 1

I do love them.  Platinum, 5 .25 carat stones in mine, 1 .25 carat stone in his.  They are simple, elegant, modern, and lovely!

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