Mar 20, 2010


Korean Invitations

I am basically in the dark when it comes to most of the planning of my big fat Korean wedding, but today I got to see our invitations, and I was really surprised!  I have seen a lot of invitation pictures from Korea, and most of them looked very plain to me.  His mother picked ours out, and they look kind of like American invitations.  Here they are!

Korean Invitations photo 1Korean Invitations photo 2

I took the last names out, so that's why there are big white spaces on our names.  The left side has a map, and information on how to get there.  Bus lines, subway directions, and the church's number, as well as his parents' contact information.  The right side at the top says something like, "These two people met in God's love and are about to promise to be a family.  Please bless and pray they will have a happy family."  It then lists my FI's parents' names and "their son", then my parents' names and "their daughter" then my name.  Then at the bottom it lists the date and time and the location.

And that's that!

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I love reading about this!

How lovely!